Avoid the Most Common Logo Design Errors

A good logo design is a brand asset. Because people can digest it quickly, it is very helpful in creating customer familiarity and boosting sales. There are many things to consider in designing a logo, which is why it is highly recommended to hire reliable logo designers to save you from this very technical task. Contrary to what cheapskates might think, designing a logo is more than just doodling and thinking of a catchy slogan. Because the logo design works even on a subconscious level, all the elements have to work cohesively and speak of a singular message. Here are some things you should avoid when deciding about your logo design.

1. Poor quality font

This particular logo has a not-so-clear font and also has immense spacing errors. In deciding a logo design, you have to be mindful of the font that you’ll use. Make sure that it is readable even from a distance. Also, it has to be clear even on grayscale. The background also matters in making the fonts readable. Most logo design firms take note of these things. Others though simply have no idea.

2. Cultural factors

If you are thinking of using your logo to promote your brand internationally, you have to make sure that all the elements of your logo design translate well on your target country. This includes the slogan or tag line as well. Logo designers have to be aware of cultural factors when creating a design. Some average sounding English terms might be offensive when translated to another language and vice versa.


3. Spacing errors

As important as your font choice is proper spacing, so check your logo design multiple times for spacing errors. This logo of KIDS EXCHANGE is getting attention because of the wrong reason.

4. Too complicated

A logo design does not have to be overkill to be effective. If it has too many details or is pretty hard to understand, it will fail to convey the right message. Probably one of the most talked about logos nowadays is this London Olympics logo. It’s biggest error? Too many things going on. You can look at this logo for several hours and still not get it.


5. Poor quality images

A very important reminder in creating a logo design is to have one made by professional logo design firms or you’d end up with a logo looking like this.

6. Recycled ideas

When choosing among logo designers, make sure that the one you pick is creative enough to come up with his own designs. Copying the ideas of other designers can hurt your business pretty badly. Recycling ideas does not only mean total rip off of designs, it can also mean putting cliché symbols that are associated with big brands.


7. Too many conflicting ideas

Logos should be simple, clear, and should not have too many conflicting elements. If a particular design says so many things, scratch it. As a general rule, the graphics should be minimal.

8. Color dependent (poor grayscale quality)

When choosing your logo design, opt for one that looks great with colors and also one that prints well in grayscale. A logo design that has too many effects such as shadows and textures is undesirable because chances are it won’t look very good when the colors are removed. A logo has to be versatile and workable. It should also look great even against light or dark backgrounds.


9. Naughty messages

There are some logo designers who intentionally load their graphics with double meaning elements. If you are serious about your brand, don’t do this. Otherwise, you will be on the hall of fame of the worst logos ever created. Not everyone can appreciate the humor. Besides, logos are accessible to everyone, even kids. Be wise about your choice of graphics and always, always, study the layout before making it official.

10. Poor color choices

Unless you want your logo design to look like a rainbow or a jigsaw puzzle, you have to make sure to tell the logo designers to keep the colors at a minimum. In addition, the colors that you pick should be appropriate to the kind of brand you have or the kind of service that you provide. A spa logo design for example should bear light, pastel, or muted colors. Solid colors like cadmium red, trash can green, and electric blue may not be your best bet.

11. Disconnect with the concept

If you are thinking about a logo design, you have to make sure that there is no disconnect with the concept. The elements should not contradict each other and there should be harmony when it comes to the layout. This logo of a coffee shop is an extreme case of graphic disconnect. The cross, the hypnotizing maze, the neon green color, and the font effect are simply too much to take.

An effective logo is one that has harmony and unity. This logo below has several elements that work together.

Another impressive logo design is NBA’s. It shows dynamics, diversity of teams, and competitiveness. The use of two solid colors—red and blue, works well with the white figure. The logo is pretty simple but the textured look works well on shirts, fiberglass, wood, and other media.

By taking note of these common logo design mistakes, you can be sure to have the perfect emblem for your business. Remember that a logo is more than just plain graphics. It is a snapshot of what your brand has to offer. It has to be respectable, appropriate, professional, and of high quality. If you want clients to take you seriously, find some logos for sale and have your own logo designed.